1920 Bixby Street Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30317, United States

(404) 694-0661

Cello lessons in Atlanta


About Marla Majett


As the owner of Marla Majett Cello Studio,  Marla Majett is a professional cellist with more than twenty years of  experience providing cello lessons.  She offers superior instruction in  both Suzuki-styled and traditional cello methods. Motivated by her love  of music and driven by a desire to share such love, Marla has a passion  that is infectious and which is embodied in the diverse musical pursuits  enjoyed by her students. Such pursuits include participation in many  Atlanta area orchestras, and Marla's cello students have also chosen  professional music careers.  Marla's dedication and skill are critical  factors in insuring her students obtain expertise in the instrument in  order to best allow their creativity and talent to shine.

Lessons are offered weekly in a private setting. Group classes meet twice a month and are divided by playing levels.


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